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Academic Seals of Approval

At NCMA we are proud to educate professionals in allied health fields about the errors that occur within their scopes of practice due to lack of knowledge in terms of guidelines and protocols, as well as, learning facilities that are not capable of providing quality medical education. Therefore, NCMA not only prides itself in its individual members, but also in its certified education facilities. Schools certified through the NCMA must adhere to strict guidelines and standards established by national industry authorities to provide uniform medical education. Our certified schools receive recognition for their commitment to quality education through our Seal Approvals.

The Standard Seal of Approval:

  • Recognizes that the approved institution meets the standard requirements as stated by their respective Board of Education. However, the institution does not meet all NCMA requirements which include but are not limited to that of: curriculum, staff, educators, equipment, classroom learning environment..
  • Recognizes that its instructors do not meet NCMA eligibility requirements for “Registered Educator” status, however, they do hold standard experience in the field in which they teach.

The Gold Seal of Approval:

  • Recognizes that the certified institution exceeds all standards, even those of the Board of Education. The institution has a fully functioning lab where students can engage in hands-on approaches to learning, the instructors meet and exceed the requirements for “Registered Educator” status.
  • Recognizes that the institution’s curriculum not only covers core aspects of a subject specific field, instead it provides an in-depth learning experience that allows students to think critically and expand their knowledge.

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