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CME Renewal

Continue Medical Education and Renewal

What do I need to do to renew my credentials? 
In order to be eligible for recertification you must have an active status, participate in a live workshop seminar every 2 years, complete all workshop academic questionnaires, and complete all NCMA AN AGENCY WORKING TO IMPROVE CLINICAL COMPETENTENCY speaker and event surveys . In the event that your certification has expired you must pay a $75.00 expired/lapsed certifcation fee plus the cost of the re-certification workshop seminar. After completing the workshop seminar you will receive your updated or renewed certificate which will be valid for 2 years. Our continuing education and recertification process is only conducted through live workshop seminars presented by subject matter experts. To insure the finest quality of instruction, we rely on Subject Matter Experts to guarantee that every candidate who takes our certification exam is trained to a mastery level.
NCMA is deeply committed to Continuing Education and our Continuing Education department works tirelessly to bring to our members the latest procedures and technologies to promote better patient care. We take pride in educating our members how to perform the most common hospital procedures and we are going to continue working hard to be the model of excellence in allied health professions competency testing.
What is the process for re-certification?
The CME department at NCMA will keep all your status in the credential verification as active or inactive. You will be responsible for contacting the agency by email or by phone for your CME renewal. As courtesy NCMA staff may either send you an email reminder or a phone call as a reminder of your next date for renewal. You must pay all fees at least 30 days before your expiration.

How do I register for a CME Seminar?

1) Contact your NCMA approved training institution or NCMA to find out when there will be one in your area.  You may also visit our upcoming events section. 

2) Download the registration form. E-mail the completed form & your current American Heart Association BLS CPR card to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3) Once all required documents are submitted with payment, we will grant you access to the Center for Medicare Learning Network to complete the following Continue Education courses. You will be contacted by the NCMA with instructions on how to complete your courses. These course must be competed 14 days prior to your seminar. 

      •     Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) EDI Standards 
      •     Infection Control: Environmental Safety 
      •     Infection Control: Hand Hygiene 
      •     Infection Control: Injection Safety 
      •     Avoiding Medicare Fraud & Abuse

Why is your re-certication process better than the home-study type of re-certification courses most agencies offer?

  • Studies have shown that when you are in a live seminar in which you have direct contact with the subject matter expert, the cognitive experience facilitates retention of information into long-term memory. 
  • Our re-certification process is not just an online course, like 90% of the industry credentialing agencies have. Our re-certification is a live workshop seminar re-certification with an online learning component, along with other requirements from The Center for Medicare Services, CLSI standards, Center for Phlebotomy Education (for phlebotomists), American Heart Association among others.


Lapsed NCMA Certification
Lapsed NCMA certificate is a certification that has already expired and initial certification date equals and/or more than two (2) years ago.
If you are working in the field, you must:
  • Pay a certificate reinstating fee
  • Attend a CME workshop
  • Pay renewal fee
If you are not working in the field, you must:
  • Pay a certificate reinstating fee
  • Take refreshment program pertaining to your certification
  • Pay exam fee
  • Challenge both parts of the examination

What happens if I let my credentials expire?

Any member whose credentials is expired or become expire is required to complete a 90 hr refresher course at any NCMA approved academic institution. Note that any institution may charge a fee for their refresher course. Upon completion of the CME course the member is required to challenge and pay once again to challenge both theory and practical exams.  

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