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Academic Institutions

I know how difficult it is to have a good educator/instructor to represent your goals, your views, and the profession and to keep the number of attendees in your classes from beginning to end, that is our area of expertise. I would like to take his opportunity to introduce you to NCMA certification credentials. NCMA is an industry credential certification agency dedicated to reducing pre-analytical errors in the allied-health care professions.

We know that every academic institution’s goal is resides in job placement. NCMA’s focus is to help you with clinical curriculum development and with mastering medical procedure skills for your graduates; making students feel that although they graduated they can always count on their institution for guidance in their medical profession and continuing education. NCMA will give you control of your graduates and/or attending students by allowing your institution through a liaison of your peers to be the link in communication in regards to any procedure of certification, application, payment, national requirements, refresher; giving you the power to control who sits in the exam. Once your students pass both theory and clinical competency exams their credential certification will be sent out to your liaison person which in turn will be the one giving the certification to your students once all of your requirements have been met, having NCMA credential certifications signify that the graduates are not just a multiple choice exam proficient, but also, a clinical standards expert in their field. This unique classification will represent the exact information that your students will provide in their resume, without a doubt!

Not only will certifying with us give you greater control over the student body, it will also provide help with asserting control over educators in your institution. The NCMA requires a letter of recommendation from the school director prior to initial certification for “registered educator” status as well as for re-certification; the letter should include student retention ratio, satisfactory student surveys, and good ethical standing with the institution.

NCMA is also focused on keeping up with the latest improvements in guidelines, standards, and protocols to a national level. Our re-certification process consists of live seminars that provide continued education for graduates and educators as well as an online component through the Medicare Learning Network, and valuable access to newsletters and blogs from subject matter experts in respective fields. The credential renewal process will benefit both the graduates and the institution; the NCMA required “90 hour refresher course”. This course is a requisite for re-certification in the event that a graduate’s credentials have been expired past the grace period of two months after the date of expiration.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience to learn the steps for your schools approval, curriculum approval, educators approvals, by which you, your school, your educators, and your graduates will benefit.

Roberto Valenzuela MD, F.A.C.S Advisory Board Medical Director




We believe and advocate that quality education starts and is developed at the educational site. Therefore if medical facilities are receiving unskilled and unprepared graduates, it is not necessarily at the fault of the graduates but rather this problem has originated at their educational site. We feel the need to get to the source of this problem by establishing a series of prerequisites for schools to be approved before we allow their students to challenge our 2 part evaluation exam.

We understand how difficult it is for you, a School Director, to keep the same amount of students from the registration to graduation date.

An educator's "great resume" might not always represent who the person truly is. A good resume cannot teach, it does not necessarily demonstrate educational skills, curriculum knowledge, nor professionalism. In order for you to provide highly knowledgeable future students and practitioners you need to have good educators.

You must provide appropriate cognitive (learning) settings, enough equipment per student ratio/supplies to provide on-site skills and promote active learning.

Once you submit all documentation required we will schedule an on-site visit for final approval. We are only asking for basic requirements that all educational institutions are supposed to provide.

We will provide you with all clinical forms for instructor's clinical skills and a feedback on psychometrics item analysis deficiencies, which will improve your educator knowledge on student's outcomes proficiencies.

Eligibility Requirements to be submitted with application:

  • Institution Catalog
  • Institution Brochure / flyer
  • Copy of State Board of Education approval
  • List of Staff / Instructor
  • Name of School Director
  • List of Medical Equipment to be used in the teaching practical part of your program.
  • Picture of classrooms setting
  • Program/s Curriculum

After your institution is approved, we would like to work with you as a TEAM. So that we will accommodate your interests as best we can. Once you are approved you become an official testing site. Students cannot register for an exam without school approval. Students must acquire application from their school. Exam Fees must be received directly from the school.

Download the NCMA School Application

Read a Letter to Director

Note Regarding Proctors: Neither school instructor nor staff member can be a proctor in your school testing site.


International Approval fee $5,000 not including travel/transportation expenses.


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