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A Registered Educator is a Certified professional with the knowledge of subject matter content who also demonstrates knowledge of instructional methodologies, plans and designs instruction, implements and effectively delivers instruction applying all the learning theories at all times. The main responsibility of the Registered Educator is to look out for the best interests of the students at all times.


NCMA Scope of Practice:

  • Dominate basic learning concepts in pedagogy and andragogy
  • The textbook is merely a guide—students should be learning from you (the Educator)
  • Responsible for class management
  • Be the primary example of a healthcare professional for your students
  • Prepare the classroom as an educational environment that is conducive to learning
  • Be perceptive to all students' learning needs and help students completely grasp academic and clinical concepts
  • Besides classroom instructions, Educators may have many different responsibilities and roles as healthcare education programs include imparting knowledge in a classroom setting, as well as a laboratory and clinical setting.


We believe and advocate that quality education starts and is developed at the school level and more specifically with a competent educator. By challenging our exam educators will feel confident that they are prepared to teach the healthcare professionals of the future because they will have a clear scope of practice as defined by NCMA standards.


Must meet all of following requirement: Before taking the RE National Exam:

    • Teach at Approved by NCMA Education Institution
    • Provide all Educational Background
    • English Language Proficiency
    • Academic Certification in the Area of Interest
    • A minimum of 2 year of working experience in the area of teaching
    • A minimum of 1 year of working experience either as an instructor or assistant instructor in the program of interest


To access the Registered Educator application you must have your school code.


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