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Explanation of the Exam Development

 In order to create the written exam, NCMA followed the psychometric development principles.  The purpose of any examination is to test specific knowledge within the discipline.  Each certification exam created by the National Certification Medical Association, has been developed through the collaboration of “Subject Matter Experts” or SME’s utilizing an “Outcome Based” curriculum. As a general rule, NCMA requires a minimum of five (5) SMEs per exam. Each certification exam offered by our agency has an independent advisory board which includes subject matter experts from that particular field (i.e., the Medical assistant exam includes medical assistants, individuals who supervise medical assistants and instructors who conduct training for medical assistants.)

In order to determine what the structure and content of the exam, the National Certification Medical Association refers to a job-task analysis (JTA) study.  A job analysis study is the foundation upon which the content validity of any professional certification process begins.  The study identifies the core knowledge areas and critical work functions that are common across all professionals, regardless of their educational/experiential background or the type of setting in which they work.  Basing the examination specifications on the results of the job analysis study ensures the assessment procedures will be a realistic reflection of the skills, knowledge and abilities required for competence in this profession. The job task analysis and the scope of practice summaries issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants, (AAMA) Medical Group Management Association, (MGMA), the Occupational Outlook Handbook  (OOH), and O*Net 31-9092.00 – Medical Assistants (Occupational Information Network) were reviewed to insure consistency and accuracy.


The NCMA Advisory Board also reviewed job postings/descriptions nationwide.

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