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Registered Educator

RE - Registered Educator

Academic excellence is often encouraged through an atmosphere that influences educators to challenge themselves to reach beyond their normal expectations. Faculty, that supports standards of excellence, can thrive and their success will raise the bars of academic standards for the entire discipline.

In many instances, high standards will eventually become the norm. Academic leadership standards, whether high or low, will trickle-down to affect the faculty as a whole. Having competent educators should result in preparing competent students.

Achieving the RE Certification is a challenging experience which allows one to verify your knowledge and skills as an educator.


Registered Educator should dominate basic academic information in order to:

• Facilitate learning

• Participate in curriculum development

• Design and evaluate program's content and outcomes

• Use of assessment learning strategies

• Pursue continuous self-improvement in the educator role

• Facilitate learner development and socialization

• Function effectively within the institutional environment and the academic community

Note: If there is no Registeted Educator CE Renewal workshop near by as long as an active educator remains in good standing with there institution a letter from your school director, and attends any Continue Education Seminar it will be sufficiant to extend RE Certification.  you also will need to have completed all CE MLN- CMS Courses. 

All of the above plus specialty in teaching will compromise the total content of the RE Certification Exam.

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