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Registered EKG Specialist

RES - Registered EKG Specialist

A Registered EKG Specialist (RES) belongs to the category of cardiovascular technicians, who are health-care professionals that conduct tests of the cardiovascular system in order to identify electrical conduction rhythm, Our RES must be an expert on diffrent EKG/ECG machines and in the basic understanding of arrhythmia interpretation, telemetry, non invasive stress testing and recognition of MI (myocardial infarction). Must also hold a current active basic life support and automated external defibrillation(AED) by the American Heart Association. 

EKG/ECG scope of practice is not well defined state by state. We have an academic suggested curriculum for all of our validated academic institutions .We have created what we believe is the fundamental criteria for both the educator and program curriculum and competency evaluation for the RES members to be through a 2-part examination—Clinical and Science—to guaruntee employers that even recent graduates can perform up to the basic procedure and standards. As a student your academic institution must provide upon request minimun of 30 EKG/ECG perfomances. 

*Note: Any educator that wishes to teach in any of our validated academic institution must challenge the given feild exam 
NCMA Suggested Academic EKG/ECG Curriculum

Total hours: 400 hours

  • 336 hours of basic science and 30 EKG/ECG lab practice per student 
  • 64 hours as an intern/externship in either/or a cardiac lab setting, physician's office, hospital cardiac unit

Basic Science 
1. Cardiac Anatomy
2. Cardiac Physiology
3. Cardiac Electrophysiology
4. EKG Instrumentation/Telemetry
5. ECG leads placement
6. Review of the ECG wave form and intervals
7. Basic ECG 12 lead descriptive analysis and clinical impression
8. The use of the caliper and scale method for heart rate calculation
9. Clinical ECG basic protocol calculation

Clinical ECG/EKG Errors and Prevention

  • Myocardial ischemia, injury, and infarct
  • Identification of cardiac markers associated to ACS (Acute Coronary Syndromes)
  • Dextrocardiogram and "RVI"
  • Non-resting ECG (stress testing)

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