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Registered Non-Invasive IV Technician

RNIIVT - Registered Non-Invasive IV Technician

A Registered Non-Invasive IV Technician (RNIIVT) is a health care employee who can assist with the procedures surrounding initiation, administration, and maintenance of the IV therapy that has been ordered by a physician. Keep in mind the difference between invasive and noninvasive procedures—Invasive procedures, such as starting or flushing an IV, carry with them additional dangers to the patient and typically require additional specialized training. Noninvasive procedures, such as setting up the IV equipment and monitoring or discontinuing an IV, carry less risk to the patient and can therefore many times be performed by certified personnel.

You must always be aware of the state regulations and the policies of the facility at which you are working.

NCMA Scope of Practice:

  • Assistance to RNs, doctors or certified personnel with noninvasive IV procedures
  • Assistance in preparing sterile supplies for nurse or physicians to start the IV line.


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