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Registered Radiofrequency Ultrasound Cavitation Specialist

RRFUCS - Registered Radiofrequency Ultrasound Cavitation Specialist

Radiofrequency; the Evolving Technology in Non- Invasive Procedures.

Our concern is education, clinical skills, and client safety. This new emerging and constantly evolving technology has created issues and controversies. Our goal is not to define the scope of practice of anyone using a non- invasive radiofrequency technology but to serve as a competency body in evaluating curriculum, training, and skills. Since there are a large number of businesses and institutions (academic and non-academic) who employ poorly trained or train unqualified personal from a medical and non-medical background.

There is much controversies in defining the scope of practice from all 50 states in the US within the Cosmetology field and Aesthetics Medicine in non- invasive and minimal invasive technology. As well as allied health professionals and licensed massage therapist.

Let’s start by saying that radiofrequency is composed of 3 different types of non-ablative system within the electromagnetic spectrum

  • Infrared Laser
  •           Intensed Pulse Light (IPL)
  •           Radiofrequency- which is the one we refer to

These oscillation waves range from about 30 KHz to 300 GHz, which correspond to the frequency of electrical signals normally used to produce and detect radio wave within. Radiofrequency is the lowest within the electromagnetic spectrum. Which itself spans from radio wave, microwave, infrared (Visible light), ultraviolet, and x-rays to gama rays. 

We believe that the majority of adverse events stem from inadequate training. 

Cavitation is a well known phenomenon used in a variety of fields and is caused by low frequency ultrasounds, which induce the formation of microbubbles of vapour in fluids. When these microbubbles are subjected to oscillations of pressure using ultrasounds, they implode, releasing a certain amount of energy from the shock.

In cosmetic medicine, cavitation is used to reduce localized adiposity and cellulite. In fact, when ultrasounds with the right characteristics are channelled into subcutaneous fatty tissue, they can give rise to cavitation. In these cases, the energy discharged after the microbubbles implode destroys fatty cells, releasing the fat they contain, which are then eliminated by the body. As such, aesthetic cavitation using low frequency ultrasounds of an appropriate power can be used to carry out non-invasive liposculpting procedures and noticeably reduce localized adiposity and cellulite.

Cavitation works on the actual problem. It is a high impact treatment and is even swifter, when compared to other technologies used to treat the same conditions.

The Bi-polar transducer should not penetrate in the epidermis no more than 0-12mm, but for the dermis the penetration should be about 2mm, and for the average person the depth for the subcutaneous "fat" layer should not be beyond 20mm in deepth. You do need to verify this with each manufacturer for whatever type of non invasive technology. 


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Please find below the steps to follow in order to re-certify: 
1. Submit a payment in the amount of $280.00 on our website by following this link:
3. Submit copies of your NCMA ID card(s)
4.Submit copies of your current American Heart Association CPR/BLS card
 Once these requirements are met, you will receive:
1. Access to CME Medicare Learning network 
2. Must complete the following CE Courses :
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) EDI Standards (August 2015) (60minutes) NCMA 1 CEU, Index #CMS06140728A
  • Infection Control: Environmental Safety (July 2015) (60 minutes) NCMA 1 CEU,Index #CMS06140728A
  • Infection Control: Hand Hygiene (March 2014) (60 minutes) NCMA 1 CEU, Index # CMS06140728A
  • Avoiding Medicare Fraud & Abuse: A Roadmap for Physicians (November 2014) (30 minutes)NCMA 1 CEU, Index# CMS06140728A
You will have 14 days to complete and send back us the certificate of completion. Upon receiving it you will receive the following:
1. Renewal NCMA ID card all Valid for two years
Please scan and email all required documents. 
I hope this information is helpful.
 Please, do not hesitate to contact NCMA if you have further questions.

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