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Many people ask why do I need to have an NCMA Certificate?

NCMA Certification is much more than just a piece of paper on a wall or another credential.
Achieving an NCMA Certification means that you are a dedicated professional with clinical knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to perform essential tasks and procedures in given field and positively affect the health and well-being of others. NCMA Certification is a key to a successful career!

To seek NCMA Certification the SPA must meet the following requirements prior to applying:

  • Legal recognition  from the town and/or state
  • All massage therapists working at the SPA must be licensed by the state
  • At least one massage therapist working at the SPA has to be certified by NCMA as a Registered Clinical Massage Therapist

In the event of Radiofrequency Cavitation the practitioner must have completed a formal training in Radiofrequency Cavitation, Lymphatic, Instrumentation quality control, CPR, First Aid, AED, for a minimum of 61 hours which includes 21 hours of basic science and 40 hours of externship on Radiofrequency Cavitation, Lymphatic Drainage, Vital signs, Glucose capillary testing and pass NCMA skills competency externship only at NCMA approved SPA.

Upon completion of all requirements the SPA will receive:

  • A certificate of approval
  • Certification banner
  • Two posters which define two careers of Registered Clinical Massage Therapist and Registered Radiofrequency Ultrasound Cavitation Specialist
  • Notepads
  • Newsletter, which will keep the SPA personnel up to date with recent changes and innovations for every two years
  • Certified SPA code, which will help SPA liaison to download all clinical competency forms

A first time certification fee is $700.00. Renewal of membership is $79.95 per year.


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